Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many homes are on the tour?

There are 10 private homes and three public spaces.  The tour is unique, since the inside of each home (not all floors nor all rooms will be open in every home or public space) is open for the tour.  This event is held only one day, every other year.  We have different houses on the tour every time--so some of the homes on the tour this year have never been on the tour and may not be on the tour again, and those homes that have been on the tour before have had additional improvements/remodeling done to the home since it was on the tour last.


Q. Where is the tour?

The houses are located throughout the Summit Hill neighborhood.  The boundaries are approximately: one block north of Summit Avenue, east of Lexington, one block south of St. Clair Avenue and east of Dale Street (this includes Grand Hill).


Q. How do I know where to go?

The brochure will have a map indicating the location of each home, as well as a picture and description of each home.  With the brochure as your guide (it serves as your ticket) you are free to decide the order of your tour.  You must have the brochure with you to enter the homes on the tour.  Tour volunteers will be at all locations during the six hours of the tour, and will guide you through each home.


Q. Are there long lines?

Lines should be reasonable since all the homes are open during the six hours of the tour and ticket sales are limited.  Volunteers staffing the shuttle buses will be “tweeting” to keep you apprised of the lines at each home.  We do sell out, so buy tickets early!  Check out


Q. Can I see all of the houses?

 If you would like to see all of the homes, we suggest you start the tour at noon.  Some people choose to visit particular homes of interest to them.


Q. Do I drive to the homes?

The tour is designed to be a self-guided tour, using the brochure.  People can bike, walk, drive or take the free shuttle-bus service, which will run at 10-15 minute intervals along the route.  The shuttle bus route will be posted on the website and at each bus stop.


Q. Will I need to take my shoes off to enter the homes?

Shoe booties will be provided to cover your shoes.  We suggest you wear shoes that are comfortable and that are easy to put booties over them.


Q. Is there a place to eat or have coffee or a soft drink?  What about restrooms?

The map in the brochure will show rest areas at Summit and Victoria (William Mitchell Law School) and at Triangle Park at Dale and Goodrich Avenues.  In addition, there are many wonderful restaurants and coffee shops along Grand Avenue that will be open.


Q. What is the money from the House Tour used for?

This is the largest fundraiser for the Summit Hill Association.  The money raised is used to sponsor neighborhood projects, such as recycling, safety and crime prevention, spring clean-up, Linwood Community Center activities, neighborhood beautification, andcitizen participation in community issues.

Q. Are tickets refundable?

Sorry. Tickets are non-refundable.